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Upcoming Events For 2015

More talks and social only events will be announced shortly.

Previous Events

02: Convergence and Identity

zhu_small_White_smallProfessor Zhy YuFan, 2015 Jan 22nd





01: The Economic Value of Ecosystems


Understanding Ecosystem Function and Service Concepts to Extend the Value of Landscape Design to the larger community.

27th November 2013

Dr. Ben Schwegler , Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist of Walt Disney Imagineering.




演讲嘉宾:Disney高级副总裁/首席科学家Ben Schwegler

Future Events

Some issues that will be addressed in future events – 2015 monthly event

•What is sustainability in landscaping? And how do we meaningfully integrate it in China?
•How do we develop quality and longevity?
•How to deal with a lack of time in projects?
•How to see through vision in build and operation?
•Innovative design by designers
•Speed process landscape design
•Native plant gardens
•Wetland  & restoration projects
•Irrigation  & water usage
•Green roofs, living walls
•NSPs natural swimming pools, ponds
•Bioengineering techniques
•Sourcing sustainable material in China
•LEED / SITES and standards
• 湿地及生态修复项目