changeSCAPE Mission Statement 活动宗旨

1. An informal grass roots meeting of professionals related to the landscape industry in China.

2. Gather people so they discuss critical issues relating to landscaping including:

  • Greenwashing & Sustainability within Landscaping
  • Lack of ownership and long term responsibility within the industry
  • Profit making, staffing and business models
  • Why bother understanding the site or leave my desk to visit it
  • Measurements of success
  • Techniques, systems & processes

3. Invite interesting speakers whose ideas can help develop the industry here.

4. Promote ideas and education to cross Chinese / International landscape community.

5. A way to challenge ourselves in a non profit and beneficial way.

6. Aimed mostly at landscape architects but also with relevance to other disciplines which interface with the landscape.

7. Managed by a group of individuals from design, build, maintenance & education disciplines from within the landscape industry.

Important Note

changSCAPE is 100% non profit. We are sponsored by suppliers. These funds go mostly to food and drink for the event. The event location is provided free of charge by the venue. The marketing & media is provided free of charge by various sponsors. Speakers do no get paid to talk. We are a grass roots event and want to keep things as simple as possible.

1. 国内景观业界的行业聚会

2. 探讨一些关键性的问题:

  • 景观的可持续性
  • 景观行业缺乏长期的责任感
  • 技术,系统化运作
  • 与其对现场情况一知半解,不如进行实地查看
  • 如何衡量是否成功
  • 创造利润,人员管理和运营模式

3. 邀请能够帮助推进景观行业发展的知名人士作为演讲者。

4. 促进中西概念的融合。

5. 开拓创新而非急功近利。

6. 针对专业景观设计师,同时也面向相关专业及各个领域。

7. 由专业设计师,工程人员,养护专家,及教授学者共同参与。



changSCAPE 为非盈利活动。活动的所有费用由各行业赞助商提供,赞助款项主要用于活动所需的食物和饮品,活动场地是免费提供的。市场推广也是由几位赞助商免费提供。演讲者不会因此得到任何报酬。我们的宗旨是保持该活动的纯粹性。


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