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hkuwhiteThe SSC was established in 2008 by the University of Hong Kong to foster stronger ties with the Mainland through academic exchange. It is housed in the historical Post Office building along the Suzhou Creek and has been a common and convenient platform for Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas students to pursuing studies in architecture, architectural conservation, landscape architecture, real estate, construction management, surveying, urban design and urban planning. The Centre is also part of the University’s ongoing effort to achieve a global vision in tertiary education by extending its academic curricula beyond the physical confines of Hong Kong.
Besides the academic curricula, the gallery “architecture SH” within the Centre hosts conferences, exhibitions, symposia and lectures regularly-where the public and professional may meet and exchange ideas.


SSC坐落于苏州河畔的历史建筑邮政大楼内,为香港、大陆、海外学生提供了一个便利的共享平台:可在此进修建筑设计,历史建筑保护,景观设计,房地产,建筑管理,测量,城市设计及规划。 中心也体现着港大不懈的努力:在高等教育界开拓全球视野,延伸其教学于香港地域之外。

About the Faculty of Architecture (HKU):
Founded in 1912, The University of Hong Kong is the leading and oldest tertiary institute in Hong Kong.
The Department of Architecture was first introduced into the University in 1950, subsequently became the Faculty of Architecture with three departments and one division that cover breadth and depth in the professional as well as the academic research fields of Architecture, Real Estate and Construction, Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture.



Jinquanlogo上海景全实业有限公司于2006年开始研发“万能支撑器架空系统”是中国“万能支撑器架空系统”创始者!Shanghai Jinquan industrial CO.,LTD started developing “multi-functional pedestal system ” in 2006 and has become the leader of pedestal systems.

万能支撑器架空系统是为了给石材、防腐木、格栅板、预制板材、金属板材等各种铺设材料的架空系统提供一系列通用、效率、便于维护的解决方案,该产品主要用于水景喷泉、广场露台、屋顶屋等其他需要架空层的部位,替代水泥墩、砖墩、钢架、防腐木等传统做法.万能支撑器有助于施工便捷、方便检修维修、便于表面排水、防止泛碱、通风隔音隔热、隐蔽性强、提高设计观赏性。Multi-functional pedestal systems are general, efficiency and easy to maintain solutions for paving material support such as stone, preserved woods, grille plate, prefabricated panels and metal sheet. The product is mainly used in water fountain, plaza, roof terrace and other overhead structure for replacing cement block, brick pier, steel frame, preserved wood and other traditional pedestal practices. Multi-functional pedestal system helps convenient construction and maintenance, helps drainage, prevent alkalize, helps ventilation and sound insulation and although invisibility.

截止目前为止我们的创新技术已经成功申请国家专利16项,所有产品均为绿色新能源材料符合国家可持续发展战略100%可循环利用。发展至今我们是中国民用建筑工程设计领域、景观水景设计领域、综合影响力最广的架空技术材料供应商。So far our innovative technology has been successfully applied for 16 national patents. All products are green new energy materials, which can be recycled and conform to the national sustainable development strategies. We are the biggest pedestal technology and product supplier in the China civil engineering design field and landscape waterscape design field.

我们的产品被众多开发商所使用如绿地、万科、华润等,同时我们与全球知名设计单位及事务所长期保持技术沟通如SWA、现代设计等。Our products are widely used by more than 179 Chinese developers such as Greenland, Vanke and China resources. We although cooperate with many design institutions such as SWA, Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Design and Orient landscape.


firestoneFirestone PondGard is developed by Firestone, the premier name in rubber technology. Since its beginnings in 1900 up to the present day, Firestone has served its customers with rubber products designed to perform and endure the test of time. This tradition of quality is extended to the lining industry through Firestone Building Products, a global manufacturer of rubber and waterproofing membranes. For over a century, Firestone has been a pioneer and innovator in rubber technology. Today, the Firestone name is synonymous with quality, innovation and leadership.


jingshanJingshan Construction 上海金山园林工程有限公司 是一家拥有 国家城市园林绿化工程施工壹级 资质、风景园林工程设计专项乙级 资质、ISO9001:2008质量管理体系认证的绿化企业。

公司以绿化工程施工为主,是集园林规划设计——园林工程施工——苗木花卉供应——绿地养护管理 ——科研及技术开发于一体的综合性园林企业。 公司注册资金2000万,在职员工120人,其中拥有各相关专业中级以上职称30人。上海金山园林工程有限公司本着“诚信”、“质优”的企业宗旨,多年来一直被评为“守合同、重信用”优秀企业和合同信用等级AAA级、金山区创安工作先进单位。在众多承建项目中,公司有多个项目被授予国家级及上海市园林工程奖项。

Shanghai Jinshan Construction Co,ltd a Landscape Construction company, providing a full range of services that include planning, construction, plant supplies, maintenance and R&D. We believes in “Integrity and Quality” in our projects. With our experience we have received awards that qualify our projects with National Standards. Our company is qualified with National Urban Landscape Construction Standard (Grade One) and China Garden Design Standard(Grade Two) and ISO9001:2008 Management Standard.



ShuionChina Xintiandi is an owner, operator and manager of premium commercial properties in China, nurturing vibrant communities and commercially thriving districts built around the idea of ‘live, work and play’. We deliver innovative experiences for consumers and long-term value for businesses guided by our mission to ‘bring places to life, and life to places’. As separately managed, wholly owned subsidiary of Shui On Land, China Xintiandi’s portfolio under management includes retail, office, hotel, cultural and entertainment properties in Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan and Foshan.


CHN, leading English & Chinese  resource on China’s horticulture and landscape industry. It is a mix of plants query system, supply information, landscapes etc.  Landscape architectures can search various information conveniently, immediately and accurately.



WLA Logo World Landscape Architecture is a webzine  providing  landscape architects with news and information about the profession by the profession. We endeavour to promote landscape architecture and increase the public awareness of the profession. World Landscape Architecture seeks to work with landscape architects, allied professionals and the landscape industry to improve the profession across the world.


《国际新景观》是中国景观行业一流的景观设计类杂志,也是全角度的媒体服务提供商,杂志依托丰富的资源以及国际化的编辑团队,刊载全球最前沿的景观设计资讯,剖析全球优秀的景观案例,为行业提供多元化的设计方向,旨在促进国内外设计行业的深度交流。凭借一流的品质及业界的影响力,《 国际新景观》获得了行业内的一致肯定,并已成为国内政府部门,建筑、规划、景观界、地产界及学术界的权威杂志。

International New Landscape is not only the industry-leading landscape design magazine in China, but also the all-round media service provider. With abundant resources and internationalized editorial team, the magazine aims at reporting the most cutting-edge landscape design information, analyzing the excellent landscape cases all over the world, providing a diversified design direction, as well as promoting the deep communication between domestic and overseas design industry. Based on its first-class quality and influence on the industry, International New Landscape has been approved universally by the whole industry

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